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Training consultancy for individuals, institutions and companies, including:

Designing training programs, and preparing training packages to suit the requirements of the level and job specialization and based on the target group, where the needs and requirements of jobs and their specializations are taken into account and classified into:

- Basic training.

- Rehabilitation training.

- Specialized training

- Advanced training

- Professional training

- Vocational training

Analysis of problems and training needs.

- Analyze the gaps in the skills and experiences of the target audience in order to comply with the strategic objectives.

- Develop appropriate training systems.

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International Certificate


- Cisco


- Citrix

- Red Hat



- Lyons Language Institute - England

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Qualified teacher

This program aims to provide teachers with basic digital skills to employ technology in the classroom to improve learning outcomes. By adopting flexible, easy, interactive and fun methods in the learning process.

Digitally changing roles and responsibilities for teachers.

- Communication skills according to the characteristics and patterns of learners.

Fundamentals of computers and the Internet.

Basics of dealing with LMS learning management systems.

- Digital educational content industry (Los Learning Objects).

Familiarity skills in dealing with virtual classes.

- The skill of dealing with the electronic calendar.

Word processing and spreadsheet use.

Presentation and e-learning skills. duration

- Cyber security for educators and online collaboration.

The use of technology in education.

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Dedicated Courses

Developing human resources through specialized training courses, as institutions need to evaluate their performance every period in order to discover weaknesses and address them through training courses provided to their employees as a means of treating their weaknesses and developing and improving performance.

- Training also contributes to developing the skills of the employees of the institutions and updating their information about the jobs they work in and mastering them, which brings positive investment returns to the institution.

- The training of employees within institutions and organizations also contributes to the process of employee rotation by training them on the  skills of higher departments, which helps the institution to rotate its employees and develop their practical and scientific expertise.

- Through the training programs provided by the institutions to their employees, the employees are motivated and strengthened their belonging to the institution in which they work, which is due to the stability of the institution and its investment in its well-trained team.

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Translation Services

"We provide translation doesn't look like translation.

- Our sustained goal is to deliver the translated documents as if they are originally written in the target language.

- With its well experienced team of legal translators, Future Path Center promises its clients of the highest level of accuracy, professionalism and sound legal wording.

- Future Path Center's team of legal translators has been carefully selected. Members of our team have the highest degrees from the English departments of law colleges and the schools and colleges of languages, along with 7 years of experience at least in the markets of Egypt, GCC countries, USA and UK.

- We also have well experienced and super professional translators in various fields of translation, including but not limited to, financial, artistic, journalistic, marketing, tourism, fashion, religious (Islamic and Christian), philosophy, human and social sciences, psychology and websites contents.

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Training Programs

1- Academic courses

2- Professional courses

3- Soft skills courses

4- Specialized courses

5- Vocational courses

5- Language courses

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Community services

-Launching Tamkeen initiative to train young people for free for job opportunities  and fighting poverty.

Supporting the economic empowerment of women by holding trainings to create small, medium and micro projects for women with breadwinners.

Developing craft workshops, artisan projects, handicrafts and heritage industries to employ youth, women and fresh graduates by cooperation with many employers.

Cooperation with vocational training centers for professional training courses.

Cooperate with civil society organizations to achieve the goals of sustainable development and community development.

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